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South Bay Junior Academy offers a full and wide range of learning opportunities for students..  The curriculum in the elementary grades K-5 and middle school grades 6 through 8 are accredited by the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists and WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges). Standardized test scores reveal that South Bay Junior Academy students, as part of the education system of the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists, score above average in every area.

Students enjoy a developmentally appropriate learning environment where everyone can learn and succeed. Math is taught at the same time for all grades so students can go up a grade level or down a grade level depending on the needs of the student. The reading program used is Accelerated Reader, a self-paced reading system where students gain confidence in their reading abilities as they complete comprehension tests online, they move from one level to the next.

Standardized Tests Administered

Students in Grades 3-8 take the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills and the Cognitive Abilities Test each year in the fall.

STEAM Education at South Bay Junior Academy – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math


Students participate in science learning throughout the week. Every other year we host a science fair featuring the student’s science projects. In addition, the middle school grades each have a specific science camp they attend.


Mrs. Allison Sleeman, 5th grade teacher, tending to the chickens.

South Bay Junior Academy is dedicated and committed to teaching students to live for today without borrowing from tomorrow. As a result we have produced the nations first sustainable school garden that uses multiple sources of irrigation systems to teach water conservation, grow our own vegetables used for the healthy hot lunch program and teach science in a our food laboratory on campus.

Our garden uses vertical tower gardens, wicking beds and drip irrigation to grow fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and more. In addition, we have a dedicated “butterfly” garden and a chicken coop with 6 chickens. The children love the life science learning that comes from an on-campus garden.


South Bay Junior Academy uses a One-to-One Apple Laptop Computer Program and mobile computer lab placing the school at the forefront of educational technology in the South Bay

Currently, students in Grades 6, 7 and 8 are using 2017 MacBook Air computers to create multi-media presentations, including video, audio-visuals, spreadsheets and documents to do research and complete assignments.

Art, Music and Band

Trained parent docents teach 5 art lessons per year throught the Torrance “Adventures in Art” program. Lessons have specific themes and are devoted to the use of a wide variety of art materials and creative projects. Each year the students work is showcased along the walls of the gym during the spring musical.

Additional art projects are conducted in class per grade.

Students are exposed to a full program of music/drama through song, skits, talent show, 2 musical productions, one at Christmas time and one in the spring, along with learning to play musical instruments. Fourth graders learn the recorder and can go on to master a musical instrument in our SoundWaves program in the upper grades.

Physical Education

Students enjoy P.E. four days a week  as part of the standard curriculum. In addition, we offer after school intermural sports for grades 6, 7 and 8 in volleyball and basketball for both girls and boys.

In addition, we have a pep squad for middle school students to participate in.

Foreign Language

South Bay Junior Academy offers Spanish in the middle school with some early introductions in Kindergarten.