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The Beacon Project

The Beacon Project is South Bay Junior Academy’s annual, capitol campaign giving program and serves to fund the renovation of our 50-year-old building, expand existing programs and implement new ones. This endeavor began in the 2014-2015 school year and will continue to grow over time. It is our hope that this fund will lay the foundation for supporting major renovations necessary to replace heating and air-conditioning, provide flooring and upgrades in the multi-purpose room/gym, replace much needed pipes/plumbing, fund the science lab, expand programs such as foreign language and develop a scholarship program and build an endowment fund.

The Beacon Project outreach is extended to current families, past families, alumni, friends of and supporters of South Bay Junior Academy.



Strings for Students  – Beacon Project for 2017

The Story Begins:

SoundWaves, SBJA’s band, has been providing delightful music for our school for many years, but something’s missing! How do we turn our band into an orchestra? By adding a strings section!

The Next Chapter:

SBJA has a friend, Charles Liu, whose life revolves around violins. Actually, Mr. Lui is an expert about all kinds of stringed instruments, and owns an incredible violin shop where he sells and repairs some amazing instruments. His enthusiasm has given us the vision that SBJA could upgrade our band into a full-fledged orchestra by giving students the opportunity to express their hidden musical talent.

We’re going to need two things to upgrade our band to an orchestra: the stringed instruments and students to play them! Right now we are looking through our student body for specific children who:

Are between the ages of 8-13
Have patience and focus
Appreciate classical music

SBJA has the potential musicians and Mr. Liu has the instruments and the teachers, but how will we fund this program? The parents of some children will be able to pay for a part or all of the costs, but not all parents. We’re hoping that our SBJA friends will donate to our “Orchestra Fund” so we can place an instrument into the hands of a student who has the patience and appreciation of a stringed instrument.

The approximate cost per child for a rental instrument (violins, violas, cellos, bass) and a weekly small group lesson is $100 per month. Could you help a child be a part of our blossoming orchestra?

Help Make it Happen:

If you love music, and would like to give a student the opportunity to be a part of this endeavor, you could make a real difference to a child. Here’s what it would take to turn the SBJA SoundWaves turn into a real orchestra:

– $1,000 per student per year of participation
– $100 per student per month of participation
– Any contribution, large or small, to be a part of this program

If you could donate any amount to this very worthwhile and creative cause, a child could explore a musical talent, SBJA would be up and running with a full-fledged orchestra, and we would play for YOU!

Visit or send a check to SBJA – 4400 Del Amo Blvd. Torrance, CA 90503.


Ongoing Beacon Project – Growing Business Partnerships

We invite local businesses and corporate sponsors to participate in helping us achieve our goals and are looking to build relationships and grow lasting partnerships. If you or a company you work for or have knowledge about, would be interesting in participating in our Beacon Project, please contact Francey Marzicola, the Development Director at

If you are a parent that works for a major corporation, you may find your company participates in a corporate matching program which will match your donation. We encourage parents to contact their Human Resource department at work to see if the company they are employed by supports an employee matching program.

We believe in forming long lasting partnerships that share in the commitment of our journey to offer excellence in education.

Ongoing Beacon Project – Participate in Giving

You can participate in these giving* opportunities by sending a check made out to “South Bay Junior Academy” to: South Bay Junior Academy, 4400 Del Amo Blvd., Torrance, CA 90505.

You may also donate directly to the South Bay Junior Academy PayPal account:

Ongoing Beacon Project – Corporate Partnerships and Counting 

We wish to thank Orchard Supply Hardware, EnvironscapeLA, Wells Fargo, BeWater Wise – Municipal Water District and private funders who have given generously to date. We invite you to visit our “Garden of Gratitude”on the school campus near our Sustainable Garden to see those who have given, as listed on our giving tree.

Thank You

South Bay Junior Academy sincerely wishes to thank you for your donation and for continuing to partner with us on the journey to provide the excellence in education that began in 1964. All gifts, large and small, help us to meet our goals and we are grateful.

Thank you for your continued support of South Bay Junior Academy.

If you have further questions, please contact Francey Marzicola at

*Your donation is tax deductible.