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There are 3 tuition plans available for Kindergarten


Plan 1 - The whole year plus fees paid by June 10th.

Plan 2 - First month tuition plus yearly fees.  Remaining tuition split into 9 payments.
Plan 3 - First and last months tuition.  Remaining tuition and fees in 8 payments.

Tuition Before Discounts (See Available Discounts below)


  • $25 Credit when tuition is paid by the 10th of the month (per account)  
  • $25 Credit when parent attends the monthly parent meeting (per child)
  • $30 Discount if enrollment fee is paid by MAY 15th
  • $350 credit for each referral (ask for details)
  • 5% Tuition discount if entire year’s tuition is paid by July 15th
  • 5% Tuition discount if 2 siblings are enrolled
  • 10% Tuition discount if 3 or more siblings are enrolled
  • Church contribution assistance (contact Business Office)