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Principal’s Message

Mrs. Susan Vlach, Principal

Mrs. Susan Vlach, Principal


Dear Parents:   

“Flexibility” is the Word of the Day at this uncertain time. The following is the current directive from our superintendent, Dr. Harold Crook:

Update on COVID-19 for Southern California Conference K-12 Schools:
Due to the current situation regarding COVID-19, all SCC K-12 school sites will begin distance learning from March 30 through April 10, 2020. The anticipated first day back on campus for face-to-face instruction is projected to be April 13, 2020, however, this will be subject to all state, county, and local school district mandates.
The Office of Education will give another bulletin update to all SCC K-12 Schools on April 6, 2020, providing further information regarding distance learning and the directives each county and local school districts have mandated.
That’s it for now. Our SBJA teachers spent this morning in a group “Zoom” meeting discussing how to make distance learning possible for all our school families so they can begin this teaching style on March 30, the date our classes were to resume following Spring Break.
We know all this is hard on parents everywhere, but be assured that the SBJA faculty is in your corner, and preparing for our students to continue learning even as they are not in the classroom. As each day goes by, we will be finding out more about the coronavirus and how to better protect ourselves and our families from this disease. The one thing we know for sure: STAY HOME if you possibly can.
A huge thank you to all in our school family, current and past, who are medical professionals. They are on the front line and are putting themselves at risk every day. THANK YOU!
You’ll hear from me again as any further information becomes available. Practice “flexibility” to stay sane during these crazy days.
Mrs. Susan Vlach, Principal


A warm welcome from South Bay Junior Academy!

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you are inspired by what you learn about our school.

South Bay Junior Academy has operated at the same location since 1964. Our students are fortunate to feel the South Bay’s ocean breeze on their almost four-acre campus two miles from the sand in Redondo Beach. In fact, the “Seabreeze” is the name of our weekly newsletter and our school yearbook. We commit to making this stable and time-tested school a loving, friendly and safe environment.

Our Mission and Vision give you the backbone and philosophy of our school program. While teaching to the “whole child” (mental, physical, social and spiritual), we are blessed to have a teaching staff that looks for the unique strengths of their students. Classrooms are “brain-friendly” with teachers who attempt to understand how their students learn while offering them different avenues to achieve.

The Christian emphasis of South Bay Junior Academy is evident in our goal of strong character development. We expect our students to be successful in their social and spiritual growth leading to their embracing of the biblical mindset to be and extend kindness. We hope our school community will have a ripple effect on the larger South Bay community, and that our students will lead the way in peace-making.

Please visit the various pages of our website to find out why we are so proud of our school!

Mrs. Susan Vlach