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Private Christian Schools Redondo Beach

Private Christian Schools Redondo Beach CA

Since being founded in 1964, we’ve had 50 years to fine-tune our educational offerings and build a school that offers a truly exceptional Christ-centered education. The ingredients are simple: a Bible-based curriculum, the latest technology, interactive teaching strategies driven by a cutting-edge methodology of teaching to the whole child, in a safe and loving environment. We are steps away from Redondo Beach, CA in the heart of the South Bay.

We recognize our students unique gifts and teach to the whole child. Our staff understands and promotes the concept of multiple intelligences in which everyone has unique gifts and different ways of learning. We give students opportunities to exercise their particular strengths in the following areas:

    • Linguistic
    • Logical
    • Visual
    • Kinesthetic
    • Musical
    • Interpersonal
    • Intrapersonal
    • Naturalistic

Free Download “Value of Teaching to the Whole Child”

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Free Download “Value of Teaching to the Whole Child”

South Bay Junior Academy has been serving the South Bay community since 1964. We are Private Christian Schools in Torrance California- Private Schools Redondo Beach – Private Schools South Bay CA. We provide an excellent education to students in Elementary Schools Torrance – Private Schools Redondo Beach and offer Redondo Beach Private Schools a great opportunity to learn. For more information on our programs, please call us today.

Loving, Friendly and Safe Environment

Students are our priority. Their development is everything. What makes us unique is we are an extended family dedicated and committed to creating a safe and loving environment in which children develop a life-long, love for learning. Our students love coming to school. Learn More 

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Enriched Learning Experience

Our academic program offers Music, Art, PE,  a challenging curriculum, character development, peer mediation and enriched learning experiences. We have supervised, extended before and after school care, school breaks and summer programs and supplemental classes. Learn More


Dedicated, Professional and Caring Teachers

Most of our incredible faculty have been on staff for over ten years. All teachers are credentialed by the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists Schools. Each are committed to the school, each other, parents and most of all, to the students. We are like a family here at South Bay Junior Academy. Learn More